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Early Bird or Night Owl?

ok, so its 2:44am Friday (now morning) and i decided to blog an interesting point that I generally ask this to people quite alot….are you an early bird or a night owl?

can you easily get up in the morning?  or do you struggle (like me)…OR  can fall asleep at a reasonable time as you get so tired in the day?

For as long as i can remember, i have never been good with mornings, i think my day starts after 1pm in the week….but i am amazing at evenings…

While most people head off to bed at 11pm, i can easily work, write music and generally stay wide awake till 3-4am! I think i should be noctural…hahaha – or i just need to live with someone who can help me get into some sleeping routine! hahahaaa


I think i should head to the land of nod now…….(wonder if there is a party there?) hahahahaa


Hello world!



HELLO 🙂 (*smiles and waves*)

Welcome to my blog site!

So, i was told yesterday that i should start my own Blog Site…eeeerrrrm yeah right, im naff with computers but managed to find this site and hey presto! im on….hip hip horray!

Like any other blog, I will be very randomly adding new posts throughout the days of my life for you to enjoy and maybe have a cheeky giggle over!


Liana x

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